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Following Your Heart in Business

The Leadership Circle
October 31, 20225 min read

Following Your Heart in Business

When it comes to business, following your heart can be a risky proposition. Many people are taught from a young age that in order to be successful, they need to make decisions based on cold, hard facts and figures. But what if you could find success by doing the opposite? What if you could let your intuition guide you instead?

This week on the leadership circle, we are interviewing Shelby Fowler. Shelby is an entrepreneur who has built her business around her passions. She has found success by following her heart and letting her intuition guide her decisions. Shelby is a great example of how taking risks can pay off, and she is sure to offer some great advice on how to find success in business.

Meet Shelby Fowler

A natural-born entrepreneur, Shelby Fowler entered this world with an adventurer's heart and an outlaw's energy. When she wasn't slingin' lemonade at one of her early ventures (#StartThemYoung!), she was watching her bada$$ parents manage their many small businesses. (And eventually, she was working right alongside them!) And it's that fiery entrepreneurial spirit that's brought her to where she is today.

For the past six years, Shelby's been empowering women to soak up every last drop of financial freedom. She's the perfect mentor for all things digital advertising and psych-based marketing – because Shelby's own ad agency has managed over $2m in ad spend in the last two years alone.

Armed with her expertise – and relentless encouragement – Shelby's clients snatch back their precious time, run their biz on their terms, and make it-girl income. And Shelby's the first to raise a glass to their successes! (She's known in the industry as everyone's fave hype girl!) 

But like the women she serves, Shelby is more than an unapologetic industry disruptor. She's also a wife and a mother of two little girls.

Connect with Shelby:

In this episode of the Leadership Circle we’ll cover...

The Power of Your Intuition

Intuition can open doors that rational thinking cannot. When we listen to our intuition, we can tap into information that is hidden deep inside our rational minds. According to some experts, intuition is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to making decisions. In fact, studies have shown that people who rely on their intuition are generally more successful than those who don’t. Shelby decided to blow everything up and follow her intuition. She claims it has paid off 10-fold.

Overcoming Fear

Here's a common fear among entrepreneurs: pricing their products and services too high. "Will people buy from me if I charge more?" they wonder. "Should I just price my products low so that more people will buy them?"

The answer to both questions is a resounding "No!" People are actually quite happy to pay high ticket prices for something they need, especially if it's something that can improve their lives in some way. And as an entrepreneur, you should never be afraid to ask for what you're worth.

Silencing Your Head - to Make Room for Your Heart

Like many entrepreneurs, Shelby hit a point where her business was not exciting and fun anymore. So many entrepreneurs hit a point where their business feels heavy. There's too much churn and burn - and typically, you stop to care about your people.

The metrics are important. Yes, you do need to listen to your head... but sometimes, you need to silence that and take a moment to listen to your heart. What do YOU truly want? The churn and burn leads to stress, overwhelm, and an increased likelihood of quitting. On the flip side, when you are tapped into your purpose, you will never stop growing and creating new, incredible things.

No Clear Cut Path

Many people believe that there is one specific route to success, and if they don't follow it exactly, they will never reach their goals. But in reality, there are many different ways to achieve success, and you can use the methods that feel best to you.

What works for one person may not work for another, and it's important to find what works best for you and your business. Don't be afraid to change things up if they're no longer working for you. You will see gurus all over the internet claiming they built a 7-figure business using a specific method. This could work for you - but, use your intuition and listen to your heart, because it won't work if it's not a strategy that feels good to YOU.

Creating a Mirror

If you're not in a good place, it can be tough to lead others to success. When you are doing things because you think you have to (vs because you simply want to), your energy will drain. Your energy will reflect on those around you. If you're stressed and overwhelmed - your team (and your family) will be too.

Slow Things Down

Shelby starts her day by consciously slowing things down. She takes a moment to listen to her gut and trust her intuition. She asks herself what she can create today and decides what direction she wants her day to take. She takes a moment to allow thoughts and inspiration to come to her without rushing around trying to force them to happen.

Shelby invites us all to work on our self trust. Because when you truly listen to your intuition and trust that it guides you - it will never be wrong. Check out this additional blog post about building self trust to help you grow as a leader.

If you're feeling stuck or lost in your business, try tuning into your heart and intuition - they may have some valuable insights for you. Entrepreneurship can be a challenging field, but it's also full of opportunities for those who are willing to take risks and follow their intuition. Shelby has found that following her intuition has massively paid off, and she invites others to do the same.

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