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Becoming a Leader from Within: Defining What it Means to Own Your Power

February 21, 20235 min read

Becoming a Leader from Within: Defining What it Means to Own Your Power

On the journey to become the best version of yourself, self leadership is the most critical skill. It's also the one that comes with a lot of questions about what it truly means and how to become someone who can be considered a 'self leader.'

Simply put, self leadership is about truly owning your power - having the courage to make decisions while staying true to your values and drawing boundaries. By becoming a leader from within, you can take full ownership any situation with confidence and clarity.

What is self leadership?

Self leadership is ability to take control of your own thoughts and actions - regardless of external factors and influences. It's about being accountable for your life and taking ownership of your circumstances and decisions. It's embracing both successes and failures and understanding that you have the power to let your failures define you - or use them as learning opportunities to reach your goals. As a self leader, you are able to recognize that you have the power to make a positive difference in both your own life and others.

When you step into the role of a self leader, you take complete ownership of your own identity and accept full responsibility for where you currently are in life. This means taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. As a self leader, you aim to make decisions for yourself - even when they don't align with what everyone else is doing. It's also about having the courage to create your life the way YOU want it to look - despite opposition or fear.

How do you become a self leader?

The power to become a self leader lies within you. No one else gets to decide when you become one. It starts with understanding your values and boundaries - and learning to stay true to them. It's about being aware of how your thoughts and feelings are influencing your decisions and how you respond to challenges.

Self leaders make time to spend with themselves. They take the time to explore their feelings, values and beliefs in order to move forward with clarity. They practice patience and understand that it takes time to truly grow and evolve.

The journey of becoming a self leader requires commitment and courage. You have the power to own your life. And you are worth it.

When you become a self leader, you can truly embrace the life you were meant to live.

What traits to self leaders have?

Confidence: Self leaders are confident in their decisions and actions, even if those decisions don't always make sense to others.

Clarity: Self leaders have clarity of thought and vision, which helps them make decisions with purpose.

Accountability: Self leaders take responsibility for their actions and understand the consequences of those actions. They don't wait for someone else to come in and “fix” things for them - they are capable of taking control on their own.

Compassion: Self leaders understand the importance of kindness and empathy. They don't get caught up in negative emotions or judgments, but rather show understanding and compassion to themselves and others.

Resilience: Self leaders know how to overcome challenges with strength and determination. They understand that failure is part of the growth process and use it as a learning opportunity instead of letting it define them.

Humility: Self leaders are humble enough to admit their mistakes and take responsibility for them.

Integrity: Self leaders have a strong moral compass and the courage to stand up for what they believe in, despite opposition or fear.

Courage: Self leaders are brave enough to break the rules. They take risks and face challenges head-on - trusting themselves to succeed, and knowing that failure is just part of the process. Here's 7 things that happen when women are brave enough break the rules.

Why is self leadership important?

Your internal thoughts and beliefs have a direct impact on your life. When you believe you are limitless, you are limitless. When you believe external factors, or your own insecurities, can limit your success, that success will be limited.

Being a self leader gives you the power to take control of your life. You become empowered to make decisions for yourself and create a life that is in line with your values. It helps you be more successful in your business or career. It helps you stay focused on what is important to you and take action when needed.

Self leadership teaches you to trust your intuition. When you trust yourself, you make decisions that are aligned with who you truly are and what you want. You become more confident and self-assured, knowing that you have the power to take control of your life.

Where can I connect with other self leaders?

There are many different ways to connect with other self leaders. You can join online communities, such as Be in the Room, or attend events such as Limitless in Scottsdale, AZ. If you're a self leader who aspires to inspire other self leaders, you can sign up to become a Community Director and build a community of self leaders in your local community.

Self leadership is an important skill to have in order to take control of your life and make decisions that are aligned with who you truly are. It requires commitment, honesty, courage, confidence, clarity, accountability, compassion, resilience, humility and integrity.

Connecting with other self leaders can help provide support as well as inspiration for continuing the journey towards becoming a better version of yourself. By learning from each others’ experiences and sharing ideas on how to best achieve personal goals it will create a powerful network within which everyone involved can learn and grow together.

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Ryann Dowdy

Ryann Dowdy is a community builder and expert in sales. She's built multiple 7-figure businesses of her own - and helped hundreds of women successfully build the 6 and 7-figure businesses of their dreams. Women have been drawn to her programs not only for her incredible expertise, but also for the community and connection opportunities they find themselves missing in their everyday lives. Today, as founder of Be in the Room, Ryann's mission is to create a space for women to come together and be fearlessly themselves while empowering the next generation of female leaders.

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