Become a LEADER, Build Your Inner Circle and EMPOWER Women Leaders in Your Local Community

Community. Impact. Leadership.

Be In The Room is a relationship-focused community for powerful women that want to create an impact while being exceptional leaders in all areas of life.

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Beyond the Average Mastermind

Because We Don’t Settle for Average Here

Inside the Be in the Room Community, you get to remove your mask and come as your full self. The incredible, professional, powerful, ambitious you - alongside the vulnerable, messy, broken, HUMAN side of you.

You get to stop pretending that everything is perfect all the time and tell the truth about where you're at in your life and your business.

Because we understand that in order for real transformation to happen, it's important to be honest with yourself about what you want - not what others expect of you.

Every woman inside of this community is cheering for your success - and they're here to support you every step of the way. Regardless of how messy it becomes.

Inside this community you will find at least one, but likely dozens, of women who understand what you're going through, relate to your struggles, and will walk with you as you navigate your way through whatever life is throwing your way.

This isn't just another networking group or mastermind - this is a place for real transformation and connections that will last a lifetime.

Be In The Room is your place to stand side by side with other women leaders who are not willing to settle for average.

We're an elite community for women who know they are capable of more. More Money. More Impact. More Power.

This is an exclusive membership for professional women who are passionate about making an impact.

Inside this community, you will not be made to feel like your ambitions are outrageous, but rather, you'll be challenged to go beyond the limits of what you've been taught is possible.

Massive Impact

Invaluable Investment.

Be in the Room membership allows members to create massive impact - at a fraction of the cost of traditional “guru led” masterminds.

This is because we don't believe you have to hit a certain income before you are capable of providing real value to those around you.

The idea that your value as a member of our Community is dependent upon your business revenue or years of experience is one that we're NOT okay with.

There are too many smart women being left out of important conversations as it is - we don't want to perpetuate this problem by gatekeeping access to the power of a life-changing community.



Connect with a badass group of professional women who are driven to create real, lasting impact in the world.


Gain access to a growing library of resources that will help you reach your goals and make a difference in the world around you.


Step into your power and unleash the powerful leader you were meant to be. Become the best version of you - for your team, your clients, your family - and yourself.

What it Means to Become a Be in the Room Community Director

Our Community Director is a special woman...

✔️ She values being a part of a tight knit community.

✔️ She loves to be surrounded by other smart women.

✔️ She loves to bring people together and create connections.

✔️ She feels like she's had to do life or business alone and hasn't found people who get her - but really, really wants to.

✔️ She believes in her heart that women are WILDLY powerful and knows that we can come together - it's true MAGIC.

Your Job:

Build an in-person Community where you live and work by hosting one in person event each month.

Our Job:

To uphold the back end of your community and give you the tools and support you need to bring together the women you feel called to serve.

What Does a Collaboration Event Look Like?

What can you expect from our team?

✔️ Back office support in running your Community

✔️ Marketing resources and support

✔️ Billing

✔️ Technology

✔️ Software

✔️ Sales to support the growth of your community AND help you build your business

✔️ Coaching + support via live calls Ideas and resources for your in person event

The Best Part?

You'll be part of an elite group of women who are bringing together the best, the most creative, the most fun and inspiring women you'll ever meet.

We are CHANGING the world for women leaders - and we want YOU to be a part of it.

The in-person Communities are designed to be intimate and limited to 100 members.

Yes - large markets can have more than one Community.

Yes - you can start more than one Community.

This is an income producing opportunity - with a full booked community earning you at least $100k a year.

the details

Your initial investment: $3,500

The upfront investment is for access to the Be in the Room brand, sales training, and support in launching your very own Community. Revenue share opportunities will be discussed during the interview process.

You will be paid on each member that joins your Community. The expectation is that with 70 members - you’ll earn $100k/year.

How Does it Work?

✅ Fill out your application here.

✅ After that’s filled out - you can book your interview with the Be in the Room team.

✅ If it’s a fit for you and Be in the Room - you’ll work with the Be in the Room team to launch your Community and start planning your first in person event.

✅ We highly suggest waiting 3 weeks from your launch to host your first event.

What do we expect from our Community Directors?

✅ Enroll new members in your local Be in the Room Community

✅ Host one in person event each month


How long of a commitment do I have to make?

We ask for a 12 month commitment from our Community Directors

What is the investment for my local Community members?

You will be enrolling your Community members in our current Be in the Room programs.

You can review those here:

Is there a minimum number of members I am required to recruit?

Not at this time. Our goal is that each Community Director enroll 60 members their first year (that’s only 5 members each month!)

What happens if I decide that being a Community Director is not a fit for me?

We’ll walk through this on a case by case basis. It will vary depending on the size of your Community, interest in other members in running, etc.

Can there be more than one Be in the Room Community in my market?

It depends on the market. Short answer is yes. In larger cities, it makes sense to have more than one Community to support more women.

Rules of engagement will be determined and discussed with Community Directors.

What other costs can a Community Director expect?

Possibly renting space. Snacks and refreshments, if you wish to serve them.Alcohol is not allowed a Be in the Room events.

Is there a specific format that I have to follow for my in person event?

No. There is a meeting format and our team will help you with how to facilitate an engaging event, but it’s not required.

What other support can I expect as a Community Director?

As a Director, we’ll be marketing your events and the launch of your Community across all of our platforms/networks.

You are eligible for our visibility opportunities through our blog, social media channels, and YouTube channel.

Who should I Invite to my Community event?

Women leaders. Women who inspire you. Women who value connection. Women who align with the mission of Be in the Room.

At Be in the Room, the common denominator in our members is the desire to become the best version of ourselves - everyday.

That’s who you want in The Room.

Can I do my own marketing?

Yes. Of course. Please do.There are brand guidelines and standards all Community Directors are required to follow - but we want you to make this your own.

Each Community Director's different experiences, personality and style is what makes this so fun.