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Understanding and Honoring Your Value System | Limitless Interview with Patti Keating

February 06, 20237 min read

Understanding and Honoring Your Value System | Limitless Interview with Patti Keating

The Be in the Room Team is excited to introduce you Limitless speaker - Patti Keating. Patti is a business coach and mindset mentor for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Already a stellar entrepreneur at the age of 9, her first business Patti's Pumpkins, sold out immediately. Patti started her current business 19 years ago. She helps entrepreneurs turn their purpose and passion into revenue streams by breaking through the barriers that hold them back, and incorporating a solid action plan into their businesses to make more money and live life on their own terms - and our team is so excited to bring her to LIMITLESS this April in Scottsdale, AZ.

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About Patti Keating:

Speaker, Mentor and Professional Business Coach, Patti Keating speaks nationally on the importance of living a purpose driven life based on her principles of core values, purpose and natural strengths. She helps entrepreneurs turn their purpose and passion into revenue streams by breaking through the barriers that hold them back, and incorporating a solid action plan into their businesses to make more money and live life on their own terms.

She has created money, mindset, and business breakthroughs for thousands of people, resulting in millions of dollars. A compassionate, caring growth specialist, Patti will transform your life AND bank account. On a mission to support global transformation Patti lives her teachings, and shares from her heart. 

An inspiring, credible and dynamic trainer, Patti will challenge you to think differently. She'll give you actionable take-aways, and help you say “Yes!” to your vision.

Patti's Pumpkins: A Lifelong Lesson

At 9, I started my first business - Patti's Pumpkins - and it sold out immediately. I had this aha moment that you could have something of value that you love - because I loved Garden as a little girl - and you could share it in the world and people would pay you. You could be happy and successful! I had business after business after business that supported the the life that I wanted to live.

Honoring Your Value System

Whether you're an employee in corporate America, or an entrepreneur, you get to choose how you want your life to look. But in order to choose and not be overwhelmed with all the outside influence, we really have to know who we are.

One of the things I teach is understanding what I call your E code - which is the unique code you have that tells us what you are designed to do in this world. It's about what lights you up. And we determine how you use it in the day-to-day operations of your life and business. It's about understanding your core values.

Anytime you're not honoring those core values, you're going to feel frustrated and confused.

When you dig deep into your core values, you realize that every decision you're making, positive and negative, is being driven by those values and your value system.

If you're not taking the time to filter through and say yes to the things that are going to help you move forward and no to the things that are going to hold you back, you aren't honoring your values. It's really a game of self-awareness. Once you can use that self awareness as a filter on a daily basis to help you make decisions that honor who you are, life gets pretty easy.

Be Uniquely You

We're taught in our culture, especially as women, to fit in, to work together, and not to get too far ahead of everyone else. If you are, you're the B word. There's a lot of beliefs and customs in our culture that contribute to not really owning our personal power - which is what knowing and honoring your value system is.

It can be terrifying, because when you know that and you stand for them and you learn to honor them, you're not going to necessarily fit in with everyone else. In fact, you're going to start to stand out.

And guess who gets the promotion? Guess who gets the client? Guess who gets the exposure? It's the person that's willing to take a stand for something. So, start standing for what your values are. Start contributing to the world in your unique way that only you can do.

Small Steps, Massive Impact

It's okay to just take baby steps. One of the processes I have clients do during the E code or after we've done the value system, the C stands for core values is to do an assessment on a scale of one to 10. How well am I honoring my top three to five values?

And if it's low - what needs to shift? Sometimes it's just an honest conversation. Sometimes it's a complete career change or a business change, but once you do it, it's well worth it. One of my favorite quotes - and I believe this profusely is: YOU always know. Do you listen?

Once you start taking that level of responsibility in your life, in your decisions, it's not scary anymore. You realize how powerful you really are, and you don't have to be accepted by everyone, that you don't have to live life on somebody else's terms, that you are here to be uniquely you.

And that is the most fulfilling way to show up in the world, because people need you. They need you to be YOU.


We all face true business and career problems - everyday problems that come and go and that we have to deal with as humans. How does somebody know that they have a values problem - that something is out of alignment?

You look at all the pieces because t's most likely a combination. It's not necessarily one thing. Knowing what you stand for is importnat - because when you know what you stand for, the answer to your questions become really clear.

Freedom Value

When I was in my maybe mid twenties, early thirties, I had job offers all the time. People would meet me and they'd say, I would love for you to go to real estate school and come join my brokerage. I would love for you to work for my company. And I didn't understand why I would get right up to the edge and then say no. And my family and my friends were like, "what is wrong with you? That was $120,000 job that you just said no to!"

And I didn't really know. Because I didn't understand. And then when I went through this deep learning, when I enrolled in coaching schools, when all this happened and I understood my values, - it was like oh my gosh, everything makes sense. And here's what it was for me: my number one core value is freedom.

So if my kids had a field trip, I didn't want to go to work. I wanted to go to the field trip. I was threatened by the idea of feeling trapped. So my freedom value goes crazy if I get stuck in any situation. Example even stuck in traffic, I feel trapped. I feel frustrated. Like what? I should never have driven between the hours three and five! I don't like to feel trapped because that is how important freedom is to me.

I know I stand for freedom and self-expression. I am here to help people create freedom and express who they are in the world.

What does Limitless Mean to You

To me, being limitless comes down to my values. Being able to express who you are as you are doing what you most love to do and going after the dreams of your business, or career, your family, and your life.

It means expecting the greatest outcome always by understanding how powerful you are. When you know who you are and you trust yourself, and you take action that is in alignment with your desires, with your skills, with your strengths - that is what it means to be truly limitless.

It's important to understand and honor your core values as they will guide you in making decisions that are best for you. Taking responsibility for our actions, understanding what we stand for, and trusting ourselves play a major role in achieving true freedom. We can reach limitless potential by taking action that is aligned with our desires, skills, strengths and dreams. When this happens, it's possible to experience the most fulfilling way of showing up in the world because people need us to be uniquely us!

Ready to join at Limitless in Scottsdale, AZ April 2023? Click here to learn more and get your ticket.


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