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Ultimate Upgrade 2022: A Powerful and Intimate Event for Female Leaders

September 13, 20229 min read

Be in the Room hosted the Ultimate Upgrade at Hotel Kansas City in Downtown KCMO last week (September 8-9, 2022). The seven speakers at the event were brought wisdom and vulnerability to the audience. They shared their stories and experiences, which allowed for a deep connection to be formed amongst all the women who attended. The messages that were conveyed were important, and the speakers were able to create a safe space for people to share their own stories and feelings. The best leaders are not afraid to be vulnerable - and that's exactly what happened last week at the Ultimate Upgrade.

The Ultimate Upgrade was a POWERFUL 2-day event, where those who attended got the opportunity to experience connection, freedom to brainstorm without limit, and time to be both vulnerable and creative. The seven speakers who attended are outlined below.

Ryann Dowdy - Keynote Speaker

After a successful corporate career, Ryann Dowdy entered entrepreneurship and created a community of over 7,000 women looking to follow their dreams of starting a profitable business. Women joined her sales training program not only for the incredible knowledge and results Ryann brought to the table, but for the amazing community of women Ryann had created. She has successfully grown two 7-figure businesses of her own while helping other women grow 6- and 7-figure businesses and leave the corporate world behind to live a life they love on THEIR terms. Ryann's mission is to create a safe space for high-achieving women to come together and be fearlessly themselves. She believes when women connect, work together, and harness our power into ONE common mission - they will be invincible.

Ryann, CEO and founder of Be in the Room, organized the event alongside her team. She spoke about the power of vulnerability amongst female leaders and WHY they need a place to bring their true selves, without fear of judgement. Ryann spoke about the power of relationships - not just networking and business relationships, but finding a community who will support you and cheer you on in your best and worst of times - both in business and your personal life.

Connect with Ryann on LinkedIn.

Stacy Bahrenfuss - Keynote Speaker

After building a 7-figure business at the age of 19 where she helped clients find their external home in real estate, Stacy Bahrenfuss now guides women leaders to their internal home. Known as The Truth Teacher, and a visionary intuitive, Stacy is the Founder of The Truth Teachers™ and works privately consulting 7- and 8-figure women leaders and their teams, leading them to activate all of their power and accelerate their success personally and professionally. Stacy and her Truth Teachers™ are on a mission to revolutionize the entire self-help industry by eliminating gurus and empowering people with the tools and framework to transform their own lives. 

Stacy's talk was about breaking through the lies and barriers that form our limiting beliefs and keep us stuck. She talked about how important it is to break through these lies and barriers in order to find our true potential. Stacy brought the room to tears with incredible, uplifting stories, and she left everyone in the room inspired to do the same.

Download Stacy's Free 5-minute mediation here.

Kaitlyn Carlson - Wealth Management 

Kaitlyn is the Founder & CEO of Theory Planning Partners, a boutique wealth creation firm for the top female entrepreneurs in the United States. Before launching Theory Planning Partners, Kaitlyn spent the majority of her career at UBS Financial Services, Inc., where she held roles in the South as well as the Northeast. There, she developed more than 300 financial plans for clients with assets ranging from $500,000 to $1 Billion. Subsequently, she became an advisor on a private wealth management team that managed over $600 million for a few dozen families. Kaitlyn is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ (CFP®), Certified Exit Planning Advisor™️ (CEPA™️), and an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®). 

Kaitlyn spoke about creating wealth. A shocking fact she shared with the audience is that the top 10% of wealthiest people own 89% of the stock market. She told stories of the power of investing - even as little as just $10 per month. The audience asked tons of questions around home loans, credit cards, and business loans and Kaitlyn graciously answered them all with incredible expertise.

Connect with Kaitlyn Here.

Katie Mae Webb - Relationships

Katie Mae is the Founder and CEO of Katie Mae Coaching LLC. and FaceBook community Marriage Empowered. She was born and raised in Gilbert AZ, and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 12 years now. They have two young children, a dog, and a tortoise. After Katie's marriage hit it's toughest season that resulted in a short-term separation between her and her husband, she discovered her true passion in life was to help women learn from her mistakes, and walk alongside them as they flourished into the women and wives they truly want to be. Katie uses a mix of tough-love mentoring and strategic mindset coaching to help women get clear about how they may be contributing to the undesired cycles in their marriages, and gives them the tools to take action so change in their marriage happens fast. 

Katie shared relatable stories about her marriage (the ups and downs) and had the audience in a brilliant combination of tears and laughter through her speech. Katie's talk encouraged audience members to take a step back and think about why they may be feeling challenged in their marriages. More often than not, it's not actually our spouses who are causing us grief, but rather our own misunderstandings and lack of perspective. By seeking to understand our spouses better, we can work to resolve any conflicts that come up.

Join Katie's Facebook Group, Marriage Empowered, here.

Naketa Ren Thigpen - Relationships

Naketa Ren Thigpen is the #1 Balance (and) Relationship Advisor in the World activating power couples, married women entrepreneurs and a few bold leaders, who are ready to recalibrate and own their right to be intentionally selfish to amplify relationship intimacy (and) live fully. She has provided personal growth training, development, and advice for over 10,000 global professionals, ranging in ranks from CEOs of multi-billion-dollar corporations to Entrepreneurs of fast-scaling start-ups. Utilizing her distinct experiential, intuitive and highly energetic style, Naketa is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and private advisor to the world’s most elite.

Naketa spoke about the power of relationships - beyond just romantic ones. She talked about the different levels of vulnerability we are willing to have with the various people in our lives - and provided us with an incredible exercise that allowed us to see what relationships we already have and which ones we might still need in our lives.

Check out Naketa's Podcast Here.

Caroline Milton - Health

Caroline Milton is working to change the experience of women in business by providing a preventative approach to burnout, building resilient teams, and employing a holistic approach to productivity. With a background in biomedical engineering and supply chain leadership, she has experienced burnout firsthand, and then sought to understand the societal and physiological factors that heighten burnout for women. She now uses her expertise to help equip women to build a toolkit for burnout prevention and to lead organizations through change management that supports productive and resilient teams.

Caroline talked to us about stress and burnout. She broke down the signs of burnout - and how to complete our stress cycle. She dove into the power of sleep and shared with us some shocking facts about things that can interrupt our sleep cycle. Caroline broke down the different kinds of stress and explained when stress can be healthy - and how it becomes detrimental to our health.

Connect with Caroline in her Facebook Group

Matt Travis - Health

Matt Travis is a Rapid Transformation Therapy practitioner and high-performance coach who helps female entrepreneurs uplevel their confidence by transforming their subconscious mind, health, and business habits with a step-by-step individualized strategy to create the ultimate formula for success. In his 16 years in the health and wellness profession, he has educated and coached thousands to transform their habits and lifestyle. His current online consulting business, The Potential-U, is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to transform their mindset and build the business of their dreams without bankrupting their health and lifestyle. 

Matt spoke to us about gut health and all the areas of our lives that it can affect. You could hear a sigh of relief through the audience when he mentioned that getting healthy doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the gym. Simply getting outside, taking a walk, and eating the foods provided by the earth will make a huge difference if you are willing to stick to it.

Grab Matt's Free 7-Day Mind and Body Transformation Challenge here.

What other's had to say about the event...

The women (and men) who attended this event left as a new person. They were motived and inspired to take action in their lives in ways they may have been putting off. They found connection and friendships that will last a lifetime. They were able to be vulnerable in a way they had never experienced before.

Abbey Acevedo, attendee, said "The Abbey who is left this event is definitely not the same Abbey who showed up."

Paige Owen Brown, attendee, said "I have definitely changed forever. Thank you to Ryann Dowdy for such an amazing experience! "

WendyAnn Hornak, attendee, said "So grateful to be here with such a amazing group of humans - life changing events are not as common as you think THIS was everything."

Naketa Ren Thigpen, speaker, said "This has been such an incredible experience already I can’t imagine what today will be like! So many nuggets, practical tools, and PHENOMENAL people in one room."

Matt Travis, speaker, said "Each speaker [gave] their talk [and created] a safe space to be real, raw, and vulnerable, in a way I had never seen before at any in-person event (and I have been to 100’s of events).

Will there be other events?

This was the first in-person event hosted by Be in the Room. Due to overwhelming positive feedback, Be in the Room will continue to host these powerful and life-changing events. Our next event is Limitless in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This 2-day exclusive experience is designed to help you break through the lies and barriers hidden deep within your subconscious so that you can accomplish anything and everything your heart desires.

Where can I connect and learn more?

You can connect with the Be in the Room community in the free Facebook group, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

The Ultimate Upgrade event was an empowering and life-changing experience for all who attended. The speakers were real, raw, and vulnerable in a way that allowed attendees to open up and share their own stories. Due to overwhelming positive feedback, Be in the Room will continue to host these powerful events. If you're interested in becoming a member and experiencing this type of transformation for yourself, you can apply here.

Jessica Kroll

Marketing Manager for Be in the Room. Mom of 2. Our community is brought together by the desire to do things differently, and to be surrounded by like-minded women who understand the challenges (and the triumphs) that come with being a female leader.

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