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The Power of Podcasting: Launch Strategy, Editing, and Getting in Front of Your Audience

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January 09, 20234 min read

Podcasting is an incredibly effective tool for building an audience and getting to know your listeners. It’s a great platform to share your expertise, stories, ideas, and opinions in an engaging way that can reach a global audience. Through podcasts, you have the opportunity to create meaningful connections and relationships with your listeners by providing them with valuable, thought-provoking content.

In fact, here's a few stats that show just how incredibly powerful podcasting can be:

  • 74% of Podcast Users Listen to Learn (Source: Edison Research)

  • 16 Million Americans are Avid Podcast Fans (Source: Nielsen)

  • 52% of Podcast Subscribers Listen to Entire Episodes (Source: Edison Research)

  • There are 464.7 million Podcast Listeners Globally and It is predicted that there will be around 504.9 million podcast listeners worldwide by the end of 2024 (Source: Demand Sage)

Meet Jessica Rodriguez:

With over eight years of experience in team and project management, over 2 years in podcast management and an Industrial Engineering degree from Texas A&M University, Jessica helps business owners regain the time they need to focus on building the future of their businesses, while I handle their entire podcast production needs. 

 Jessica has also managed teams in the areas of operations, engineering, project engineering, customer service, and general project management. She has managed large capital projects and I have organized five state management conferences.  

Connect with Jessica:



Here's what we'll cover in this episode of the Leadership Circle...

Podcast Launch Strategy

Having a perfect podcast launch strategy is critical in order to ensure that your podcast reaches the right audiences and drives maximum engagement. Your launch should include creating an effective marketing campaign across different digital channels, such as social media, email, website, and organic search. It’s important to create compelling content for each of these channels that leads your

Jessica explains her process of digging into your brand to get a feel for what your personal style is to create everything you need from cover art to podcast description - and of course, helping you put a solid launch strategy in place.

The Importance of Editing

Even experts are human. They make mistakes, they fumble on words, they awkwardly pause when under pressure. That’s why editing your podcast is so important - it ensures that you always come across as confident and professional, no matter what.

Editing helps ensure that your podcast is clear, concise and free of any technical errors or mistakes. It also allows you to take advantage of sound effects, music and other audio elements that can help create an even better listening experience for your audience.

Editing helps eliminate any awkward pauses or stumbles in conversation, allowing for a smooth transition from one segment to the next. It also adds sound effects or music if desired which can help create a better listening experience for your audience. With proper editing of your podcast, you can present yourself as the amazing expert you are - without needing to stress about the fumbles along the way.

Jessica explains how she edits podcasts to make you sound like your most confident and professional self.

Creating Relationships

Creating relationships with your ideal clients is an important part of growing a successful business, and podcasts are an excellent way to do just that. Through podcasts, you can share your knowledge, stories and opinions in a dynamic way that engages listeners from all over the world.

Not only can you showcase your expertise through podcasting, but you also have the opportunity to create the know, like and trust factor with potential customers by providing them with valuable content.

Getting in Front of Your Audience: YouTube and Podcasts

Jessica recommends her clients make a presence on YouTube and popular podcast platforms with their audio content so that they are easily accessible to a wider range of people.

Making it easy for your ideal clients to find you is mission critical if you want to grow a successful business. Potential customers need to know who you are, what you do and why they should choose your services. By making yourself accessible through YouTube and podcast platforms (such as Apple iTunes, Spotify, Goole Podcasts, Anchor) rather than limiting yourself to one place - you can ensure that your audio content is easily accessible.

For any business looking to grow and succeed, developing relationships with your ideal clients through podcasts is essential. The right podcast launch strategy can help you reach the right audiences while creating compelling content across digital channels will help maximize engagement. Editing your podcast correctly ensures that you come off as professional and confident in every episode, even when mistakes happen. Additionally, making yourself accessible by taking advantage of YouTube and popular podcast platforms allows potential customers to easily find out who you are, what services you offer and why they should choose them over others'. With these tips from Jessica in mind, it's time for entrepreneurs everywhere start getting their audio content out there - and if you need help, connect with Jessica!

Ryann Dowdy

Ryann Dowdy is a community builder and expert in sales. She's built multiple 7-figure businesses of her own - and helped hundreds of women successfully build the 6 and 7-figure businesses of their dreams. Women have been drawn to her programs not only for her incredible expertise, but also for the community and connection opportunities they find themselves missing in their everyday lives. Today, as founder of Be in the Room, Ryann's mission is to create a space for women to come together and be fearlessly themselves while empowering the next generation of female leaders.

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