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The Leadership Circle: Chasing Energy with Mandy Minitello

November 22, 20224 min read

Intrapreneurship is the process of creating and owning a business or project from within an established company. It is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a corporation. On this episode of The Leadership Circle, Ryann Dowdy is interviewing Mandy Minitello who proves that you don't have to actually BE an entrepreneur to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and bring a powerful energy into your work.

Meet Mandy Minitello

As a Chief Business Development Officer, Mandy excels in her work with the Client Success Team, utilizing reverse engineering to develop systematic plans for exponential Center growth, as well as being a master strategist in Sales and Marketing. A skilled trainer, Mandy loves helping clients make money to reinvest into their business and build out their own marketing programs.

But Mandy’s career success started years before she joined ChildCare Business Professionals. Prior to working as a Business Strategist, Mandy spent 17 years in education as a teacher, Special Education Coordinator, school administrator, and state-wide teacher trainer. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Education.

She’s no stranger to business. In addition to her years in education and educational leadership, she established her own custom apparel business and as well as a Tutoring Agency focused on the unique needs of students with dyslexia.

Mandy is able to take clients by the “virtual” hand and walk them step by step towards accomplishing their goals with an infectious positive energy!

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In this episode we will cover...

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Being an entrepreneur is risky, but potential rewards are so great. Intraprenuership allows people to act like an entrepreneur without taking on all the risks. With the right mindset, you can still enjoy time freedom, financial freedom, and the freedom to experiment with new ideas and make a massive impact. Intrapreneurship gives you the best of both worlds: security and freedom.

The mindset of both entrepreneurs and intraprenuers tend to be creative, self motivated, forward thinking, fast learning, and the ability to be decisive and the willingness to overcome any challenge that may present itself.

Chasing Energy

In the entrepreneurial world, you never know what the next day will bring. Every day is a new opportunity to make something happen, to create something new, and to achieve success. This is a mindset that requires constant energy and enthusiasm, and it's one that Mandy Minitello embodies in her work as an intrapreneur.

Both entrepreneurs and intraprenuers go through amazing personal journeys. They often struggle with imposter syndrome and tend to hold themselves back until they are willing to focus their energy towards breaking the limiting beliefs holding them back.

Comparing the Struggles of Entrepreneurship and Intraprenuership

Balancing time, work, family, and energy is a challenge for both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Entrepreneurs can tend to be workaholics. They think that in order to be successful, they need to put in long hours and sacrifice their personal lives. This is often the same mindset that ambitious intraprenuers embody as well. In a world that promotes workaholism, this is a challenge that both entrepreneurs and intraprenuers are constantly working on improving.

A Voice at the Table

The beauty of true intraprenuership is that you have a voice at the table. You have the freedom to let go of the things that don't bring you joy and make room to allow yourselves to thrive at the things you love.

Mandy talks about having the freedom to create a plan for the things she wanted to pass off to someone else, who would handle the tasks and how, so that she could thrive in her role doing the things she loved most.

Intrapreneurship is the process of creating and owning a business or project from within an established company. It requires an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, and the willingness to overcome a multitude of challenges. If you have no desire to be an entrepreneur, but you enjoy never know what the next day will bring and being faced with new opportunities for making something happen, this could be a path for you.

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