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The 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making as a Woman in Business

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December 07, 20225 min read

On the journey to becoming your best self, you won't always get it right. At Be in the Room, we call this area "the messy middle." We also believe in the power of breaking through limiting beliefs so that you can create all that you want to create and be all that you want to be - with no limits.

If you're feeling stuck as a business owner or career driven female, it could be because you're making one of these five mistakes.

The Mistake: Not Trusting Your Intuition

As a female business owner, you may feel like you have to put on a show and be someone you're not in order to be successful. You might think that in order to get ahead, you need to do things the way someone else does them. But this is actually the biggest mistake you can make. Trying to be anyone other than yourself will only hold you back and keep you from achieving your true potential. Trust your intuition and go with what feels right for you!

Following your intuition can be difficult if you are someone who needs to see the data. That gut feeling you have to make a decision isn't always backed by facts.

However, there is something to be said for trusting your intuition more than the numbers. Sometimes situations can't be explained through data and numbers alone. These situations require a different kind of judgment and insight that can only come from within.

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The Mistake: Focusing on Competition instead of Collaboration

In business, we are taught to focus on "the competition". But if you focus only on competition, you actually hold yourself back. Collaboration, on the other hand, is the true cornerstone of growth. It allows you to experience new ideas and perspectives, without getting bogged down by egos or agendas. When you're focused on competition, you focus on the success of one. But when you collaborate with others, your focus is how everyone an grow.

When you collaborate with others, you are able to see new ideas and perspectives that allow you to grow in new ways. Collaboration opens you up to new possibilities and allows you to experience growth in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

The Mistake: Using Marketing Tactics That Don't Feel Good

Every marketing guru out there will tell you the best strategy to use to drive tons of sales. Every single one of these strategies works - for someone. Want to know the secret to determining the one that will work best for you?

It's simple. It's the one that feels best.

Marketing that doesn't feel good won't work. You'll sound fake, robotic, and forced. If it feels right, you'll sound authentic, make real connections, and attract your audience in the best way.

So if FOMO marketing doens't feel good to you, don't do it. If you hate LinkedIn but love Facebook, use Facebook. If you love dancing for the camera, try TikTok. If you hate it, try YouTube or written content. It all works - as long as you love what you're doing.

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The Mistake: Using a Sales Strategy You Don't Love

There are sales coaches out there teaching people to purposely misspell words to be more relatable. They're teaching force and showing that being short and direct is what leads to sales. If this is your personality, great. If it's not, you might find better success in a less direct approach.

There's no need to dumb yourself down to appear relatable. If you are a grammar freak, use every comma appropriately and run two spell checks. If you're not, a typo is not going to make or break your sales funnel. People are interested in connecting with you, the real you. So be yourself.

The Mistake: Ignoring Your Feminine Energy

Business is still a male dominated world. Masculine energy is very data driven. It's analytical, and focused on results. This part of you that knows how take action and get shit done. This energy allows you to look at things like ROI and helps you make decisions based on what will be most profitable for your company.

The feminine energy is often associated with emotions, creativity and intuition. This is the side of you that is open to new ideas, expressive, and able to see the potential in things. It's the side of you that follows your heart, the gut feeling, even if you may not have all the answers. It's the part of you that knows which path to take and which decisions will lead to success based on your instincts - even if the path looks a bit messy or the numbers don't always line up.

We are often taught to hide our emotions and simply look at the facts. But when you are able to tap into and embrace both the masculine and feminine energies, that's where the true magic happens.

There are tons of internet gurus out there telling you the exact steps you "need" to take in order to be successful. But, there's no one path to success. In business, it's important to be true to yourself and use the strategies that feel best - even if they're not what everyone else is doing. Because if it doesn't feel good to you... it won't work. And remember - don't ignore your feminine energy, as it can be just as powerful as your masculine side. When you embrace both energies, you're able to achieve greater success in your professional life.

Ryann Dowdy

Ryann Dowdy is a community builder and expert in sales. She's built multiple 7-figure businesses of her own - and helped hundreds of women successfully build the 6 and 7-figure businesses of their dreams. Women have been drawn to her programs not only for her incredible expertise, but also for the community and connection opportunities they find themselves missing in their everyday lives. Today, as founder of Be in the Room, Ryann's mission is to create a space for women to come together and be fearlessly themselves while empowering the next generation of female leaders.

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