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Locating Yourself: A Key to Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership
September 07, 20226 min read

Locating Yourself: A Key to Conscious Leadership 

A female leader who is aware of her own triggers and how to manage them can prevent overwhelm from taking over her everyday life - which in turn allows her to be better equipped to lead her team, her clients, and herself with confidence and authenticity. Conscious leadership cannot take place until one has mastered self-awareness and are able to regulate their emotions, welcome feedback from others mindfully, and own up to mistakes they've made while constantly striving to improve their internal state to create external results. 

What is conscious leadership? 

Before we dive in, we first must define what conscious leadership is. Simply put, conscious leadership is being aware of yourself and your emotions - and the impact you have on those around you. Your typical leader may power through emotions or try to remove them entirely from decisions, but a conscious leader will embrace her emotions in an authentic way and use them to guide her leadership style. While your standard leader makes decisions that directly benefit an individual, a conscious leader takes the entire team into consideration. She desires continuous growth, but realizes the importance of helping the people around her grow and develop both personally and professionally alongside her. She embodies the "we" over the "me." 

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Leading Above the Line

Conscious Leaders lead above the line. Above line leaders take radical responsibility, are self-aware, and practice emotional intelligence. A woman who leads above the line is aware of her emotions and where they're coming from, and in turn, understands her emotions and is better equipped to manage them and respond in a constructive way both with herself - and with those around her. She does not let her ego take control, but rather takes radical responsibility and understands that while she may not be able to control external circumstances, she has the power to choose how she will respond to them. 

In contrast, those who lead below the line see their life in their own way through a specific lens. They are closed-minded, defensive, and set in their personal beliefs. They're often egotistical, inauthentic, and tend to allow their ego to put personal desires and goals above the goals of the people within the organization or community in which they lead. 

What traits to Conscious Leaders Possess?

There are 12 commitments that the women in the Be in the Room community make to themselves. These traits are especially important to women aspiring to become conscious leaders. A few of these traits are outlined below. 

Radical Personal Responsibility

A conscious leader does not look for outside circumstances or other individuals to place blame. She is constantly learning from her past and using those lessons to move forward in a positive way. She takes responsibility for the outcomes she faces - both good and bad - because she knows that she, truly, is the only one with the tools and power to make changes within her own life. 

Emotional Intelligence

A conscious leader knows that emotional intelligence is essential for success. She knows it is crucial to understand her feelings and emotions while responding to them in a constructive way. In fact, she is curious about her feelings and emotions, and she is curious about the feelings and emotions of those around her. She knows to reflect on emotions rather than acting immediately. 

For example, when she feels angry, she tries to understand where the anger is coming from and respond in a way that will defuse the situation, rather than escalate it by acting on an impulse. She is committed to helping herself (and her people) achieve their goals.

Self awareness

A woman who has mastered conscious leadership knows that the most important relationship she will ever have is the one with herself. She knows that understanding yourself allows her to trust herself - which allows those around her to place their trust in her. She knows that self trust gives her the tools she needs to build confidence. She is committed to creating a culture of excellence for her people.

Abundance Mindset

In today's business world, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of competition. With so many businesses vying for attention, it can feel like there's not enough to go around. However, this competitive mindset can actually be harmful to both our companies and our teams. Women who view business as limited create a sense of scarcity that can lead to negative thinking and behavior. On the other hand, those who adopt a more abundance-minded approach can help others to see the endless possibilities available.

By adopting an abundance mindset, women in leadership roles open themselves up to new opportunities. She is more likely to collaborate with others, rather than compete against them. And she is more likely to see the potential in every situation. This positive outlook will help her and her people to achieve their goals and create successful companies.


Women who have mastered conscious leadership are intentional with their actions and set an example for others to do the same. This means being clear about what she wants and why she wants it. She knows she must communicate her intentions in an authentic way so that everyone is on the same page. She is committed to focusing on what’s important and creating a more positive work environment for everyone. 

For example, one goal might be to improve communication within the team. A conscious leader would identify this goal and then take steps to make it happen. This could involve holding regular team meetings, setting up communication protocols, or providing training on effective communication techniques.

Locating Yourself: A Key to Conscious Leadership - Spending Time with Yourself

Just as one gets to know their spouse or best friend by spending time with them, a conscious leader knows she needs to spend time with herself to learn who she truly is. By taking that time to get to know herself, she discovers new things and is able to develop the previously mentioned skills of emotional intelligence and self awareness. She knows that learning more about herself can help her to grow and change in ways that she never dreamt possible. 


Ultimately, being a conscious leader is about creating a positive work environment where everyone can thrive. In order to successfully master this kind of leadership, it is important to possess the following traits: emotional intelligence, self awareness, and radical personal responsibility. 

A woman who aspires to lead in this way must be willing to spend time getting to know herself so that she can understand her feelings and emotions. Additionally, it is essential that she communicates her intentions clearly and sets an example for others to follow. By embracing these qualities, you too can become a powerful force for good in your community or organization. If you're interested in learning more about conscious leadership while surrounding yourself with a tribe of incredible women on a mission to do the same, apply to become a member of Be in the Room.

Ryann Dowdy

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