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Know Thy Voice: What to Consider to Keep Your Speaking Voice Vibrant!

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September 21, 20224 min read

Know Thy Voice: What to Consider to Keep Your Speaking Voice Vibrant!


Meet Brienne Hennessy

Brienne Hennessy (she/her), Founder of Your Vocal Vitality, LLC, is a highly-sought after Vocal Empowerment Guide, Executive Speaking Trainer and Bestselling Author.  She expertly guides women executives, entrepreneurs and speakers to communicate with more powerful presence, speak frequently without fatigue or strain, and listen to their Divine intuitive inner voice to show up as their truest selves.  Brienne is also a licensed Speech-Voice Pathologist with 13 years of clinical experience and 50+ public speaking appearances. 


Brienne’s clients have succeeded in protecting the vital asset of their voice to increase speaking voice stamina and improve their communication and ease with their audiences, which has resulted in more public speaking prowess and profit for their businesses! Her mission: elevate voice health holistically and enhance self-worth via your unique voice!


Inside this episode we'll cover...


Why do people feel the need to "Find Their Voice"

When people feel like their voice is not being heard, they can lose confidence in themselves.  They can feel out of place, or not speak up. This can lead to a situation where they are not able to project their voice (and their ideas) in a powerful way. In order to find your voice... you must build a relationship with your voice.


How to Build a Relationship With Your Voice

When you feel like you have a boring voice... or you are one of many people in this world who hear their voice and immediately think “gosh I hate my voice” … you probably also lack confidence as a speaker.


When you learn to love your voice, you will sound more empowered when you use it. You will resonate with others. The best way to build a relationship with your voice... is to spend some time exploring the sound of your physical voice, and listening to your inner intuitive voice.


This is because harnessing your voice potential is not about appeasing the ears of others… it’s about accessing and optimizing a voice that YOU love. A voice that makes YOU feel confident.


A voice you love = enhanced self-worth. Period. 


Public Speaking Myth: Just Breathe

Public speaking is a daunting task for many. It can be especially challenging for those who are not used to speaking in public. There are many myths about getting someone ready for public speaking. One of them is that it is as easy as ‘just focus on your breathing.’


In order to be successful, a speaker needs to prepare well and practice regularly. Like athletes who must condition their bodies to give an outstanding performance, speakers must condition their voices to give a fantastic presentation.


The more you practice using your voice in different ways, the more confident and comfortable you will feel when giving a presentation. Your voice will become an instrument that you can rely on to express your ideas with true power.


How Stress Affects Your Voice

If you're stressed, it's likely that your voice will show it. There is some evidence to show that stress can actually take a toll on how efficiently (or not) you produce your sound.  You may sound higher-pitched than normal, or experience hoarseness in your voice. Stress causes tension, which can tighten muscles, even the tiny delicate muscles of your vocal folds, throat and neck.  This can make it difficult to speak clearly and project your voice when you're giving a presentation or speaking in public.


Who Benefits from Working with a Vocal Empowerment Coach?

Anyone who uses their voice day in and day out will benefit from finding their true voice. Female leaders who teach on zoom calls, speak at in-person events, perform live trainings, guest on podcasts, or record countless videos will most definitely find value in accessing their true voice.


Finding your voice is a powerful and impactful gift for anyone looking to love, nurture, and use their voice in an effective way. When you find your voice, you reconnect to your self-worth, and you can step into your power with confidence and ease. You can communicate with clarity and purpose. You can connect with others in a meaningful way. And you can inspire others to do the same.

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