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Building Your Business Around Your Life

The Leadership Circle
October 11, 20226 min read

One of the coolest things about entrepreneurship is that you truly get to call ALL the shots. It's up to you to decide what your business looks like, how it operates and what you want your schedule to be like. You get to decide what you value most and then build your business around those values.

This allows you to create your dream life by designing a business that fits perfectly with what you want out of life. Whether you want a lot of flexibility in your schedule or you want to work towards a specific goal, entrepreneurship allows you to tailor your business to meet your needs.

Meet Katie Mae Webb: 

Katie Mae is the Founder and CEO of Katie Mae Coaching LLC. and FaceBook community Marriage Empowered. She was born and raised in Gilbert AZ, and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 12 years now. They have two young children, a dog, and a tortoise. After Katie's marriage hit it's toughest season that resulted in a short-term separation between her and her husband, she discovered her true passion in life was to help women learn from her mistakes, and walk alongside them as they flourished into the women and wives they truly want to be. Katie uses a mix of tough-love mentoring and strategic mindset coaching to help women get clear about how they may be contributing to the undesired cycles in their marriages, and gives them the tools to take action so change in their marriage happens fast.

Connect with Katie Mae:

Here's a look at what's inside this episode of the Leadership Circle...

A Balancing Act: How to Make Time for All the Things

Katie Mae was able to build a successful business by prioritizing what was most important to her. As women, we have a tendency to think we can (and should) be able to do it all - but that's not true. To build a successful business while keeping our sanity, we need to figure out our priorities and then build a business around those. Knowing what you are willing to sacrifice is just as important as knowing what you are NOT willing to sacrifice.

Balancing life and entrepreneurship requires a lot of mindset work. As humans, we have limitations. Katie Mae talks about how women need to recognize those limitations and be able to ask for help when it is needed. We can't do it all, and that's okay.

Creating with Intention

Entrepreneurship offers the unique opportunity to create a schedule that works for you. You get to decide what hours you work, what days you work and how much time you want to devote to your business each day. This flexibility allows you to build a business around your life, rather than trying to fit your life into your business.

For many entrepreneurs, this is one of the most appealing aspects of owning their own business - yet so many entrepreneurs seem to get stuck in building their business during a traditional 9-5 schedule. If that's not what you want - you do not have to build your business in that way. Katie Mae chooses to take Mondays and Fridays off to spend time with her daughter, and she's typically done by 3pm so she can still pick her kids up from school. You can design your life however you want keeping your priorities in mind.

Structure Your Days with Grace

Most people think they have to follow a 9-5 work schedule in order to be successful, but that's not the case. In fact, the best part about entrepreneurship is that you get to create a schedule that works better for yourself and your family.

The traditional 9-5 work schedule is outdated and doesn't really fit well into the lives of working mothers anyway. It was designed by Henry Ford during a time when, traditionally, men worked and women stayed home. The idea that you should be able to work a standard 40 hour week and still have time to tend to the needs of the home and the kids - and yourself - is completely crazy.

So structure your days with some grace - and always have some backup plans. It's okay if you don't work a full 40 hours. It's okay to schedule yourself some breaks. Design your calendar to be flexible - you never know what the kids might need last minute. But, when you structure your day with grace, it becomes easy to move things around so they're still getting done on time without you needing to pay the price of your sanity to make it happen.

Challenge Yourself to Become the Highest Version of You

By focusing on the things that matter most to us, we can direct our time and energy towards what is truly important. This involves making decisions that are in line with the highest versions of ourselves. This version of us is who we WANT to be in the future.

Challenge yourself daily to make decisions as the you that you WANT to be. Make decisions like you are already living the life you want to be living. Imagine having everything you want right NOW. Then ask yourself, how do you show up? What decisions are you making? How many hours are you working? What are you spending your time on?

As we near our end, we tend to shed many of the cares and worries that used to define us, clearing space for a more simplified and enlightened state of mind. Katie Mae talks about spending time with her end of life self - or her death bed self.

This is where you realize what you truly value above all else. This version of you makes decisions with no fear. She has a lot of wisdom. She does not hesitate to put the things she values most above all else. Katie Mae talks about how she constantly challenges herself to build her life how this end-of-life version of herself would want it to have looked.

In conclusion, the three points to take away from this episode are: 1. Knowing what you are willing to sacrifice is just as important as knowing what you are NOT willing to sacrifice. 2. You can structure your days with grace and still get everything done on time; 3. Remember to challenge yourself daily to make decisions as the highest version of you that you want to be in the future.

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