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All the Things That Matter More than Hockey Stick Growth | Limitless Interview with Alyssa Dillon

February 01, 20239 min read

The Be in the Room Team is excited to introduce you to Limitless Speaker - Alyssa Dillon! The reason we are so pumped to have Alyssa at the event is Be in the Room Founder and your host of Limitless, Ryann Dowdy and Alyssa businesses grew up together. Ryann loves Alyssa's story and evolution to her first seven figure cash year - and we know you will love it too.

Alyssa's journey has not been linear in any way, shape or form to getting where she is right now. What we have loved in watching her journey is her commitment, tenacity, and integrity. There was never an option to pack up and go home when things didn't go the way she wanted it to.

We can't wait to bring Alyssa to Limitless alongside the rest of our incredible speaker lineup.

Click here to learn more about the Limitless Event in Scottsdale, AZ - April 2023.

About Alyssa Dillon:

Alyssa is a former CFO turned Money Making Maven, Founder and CEO of the Money Maker Movement. After dedicating her career to managing other people's Millions, she set out to make her own. 

She ditched the grind of corporate America to build a life that she truly loves. Through this process, she discovered her REAL Mission. She believes she was put on this earth to help women own their life and reach their full potential. She is here to teach women how to maximize their income and create an impact that will be felt for generations. 

Outside of running her company she is a mom, a wife, an artist, and part of a CrossFit cult. If you can't find her doing those things - she's probably traveling and drinking margaritas.

Alyssa's Non-Linear Journey: Putting Herself Above the Money Goals

"When I set out to be an entrepreneur, I didn't think I was going to be a millionaire. The beginning thoughts of this journey were "I hope I can make enough money with my small business to contribute to my family, pay my student loans, pay my cell phone bill, pay my own insurance, pay my car payment and be able to pay for some vacations so it wasn't all on my husband.

I've always been pretty financially independent. So for me, it really was about just creating some financial independence so I didn't have to rely on my husband, even though I'm very fortunate to have married a man who is incredibly successful in what he does.

I could have been a stay-at-home mom, and when I quit my job a lot of people in my circle wanted me to do that. There was a lot of pushback when I decided I was going to start a business.

Chase Your Goals - Change Your Goals.

I want to start this with saying whatever, wherever you're at right now, your ultimate goals, they get to change. Your story gets to change, and not everyone around you is going to understand.

When my dreams shifted from making enough money to just help my family to wanting to build an actual empire and I want to be a millionaire, not everyone was on board with that. They didn't really understand this shift in energy. They didn't understand that I was going to be working, putting my kids in childcare, become recommitted to working full-time when I had just quit my corporate job.

Once I realized how easy it was to make money, I decided I wanted to make a million dollars. And so that's what I set out to do.

But I didn't do it nearly as quickly as I thought. I think I was about 28 when I started my business and I wanted to be a self-made millionaire by the time I was 30. I didn't actually do it until I was 33. And that's not to say that I ever failed. I kept my eye on my goal. But through that journey, what was so important was that I was true and honest with myself about what I needed as a human before I focused on all of the financial goals I had. And it wasn't always about going after the money, sometimes I had to take a step back and take care of me."

The Myth Behind Hockey Stick Growth

"When we join this online entrepreneur world, we think if we're not having hockey stick growth, something must be wrong with us. That's not true Here's how I figured out that hockey stick growth wasn't all it's cut out to be.

I get to hang out a lot around people who have some hockey stick growth. When I was hanging around them, I realized that even though they were having these great financial successful years, they weren't necessarily happy.

Everything looked perfect on the outside. They were showing off their business wins, and their revenue wins, but they were missing time with their families. They were missing time with their kids. They were spending 12 hours in their office a day. They weren't being true to who they said they were going to be when they started their business.

I realized that some of the people that I grew up in business with who shot up and became more successful than I am currently - but as I've had the pleasure of having conversations with them, I've realized the conversations are actually really sad. And I never want that for myself.

Self and Family First: Alyssa's Approach to True Success

I decided early on that taking care of me, taking care of my family and being true to who I am was going to be more important than hockey stick growth. One of my first challenges was with my husband - and I realized if I'm successful, that's great, but if I'm not successful with the man I love, then what am I doing this for? So, I took a step back. I needed to focus on my marriage - and I see a lot of entrepreneurs that end up divorced because they're not willing to keep their eye on what's important.

Now, I think I've been unfortunate and fortunate in that I've lived a lot of life for being so young, and I've had a lot of experiences that most people at my age don't typically experience. I had some really great perspective on what's really important and money isn't all cracked up to be.

At the end of the day, if you don't feel loved, and if you don't love yourself, none of it matters. We think money goals are going to make us be the person we want to be. And that's not true. In fact, when I hit that seven figure year, I thought everything would be easier and all kinds of amazing things would happen. None of it did. I didn't feel any different.

It was a random Monday when my team told me we hit our first 7-figure year. I was making cookies with my kids, and I was like, cool, thumbs up. My hands are covered in flour.

I was busy playing with my kids. It meant nothing. It was a milestone. Yes, I celebrated it a little bit because it was something to celebrate. But the dopamine hit from hitting a goal is minuscule compared to the dopamine hit that you get from loving yourself and being loved and having love around you."

2023 Goals

I have big goals for 2023, and now that we've done a seven figure cash year, I'm like, okay, let's do 5 million now. But do I think I need to do that in 2023? No. If it happens I am available for it. But not at the cost of my peace, my health, or my family.

My goal this year is to recreate what happened last year, but simpler. True leadership is not about having the best marketing skills or the best sales skills. It's really being the captain of a ship. Learning that and understanding that this past year and really getting some systems in place in order to bring on that level of client has been life-changing.

A lot of people want to hit a million dollars, but it's like, can't handle a million dollars of clients. I can tell you I thought I'd be able to, but we found some holes. We hit capacity relatively quickly and we had to bring somebody else on. We learned what our capacity was, and now that we know those lessons, it's like my real goal for 2023 is to be able to make a million dollars even simpler with even more ease and less lessons to be learned with higher profit margins"

What does Limitless Mean to You

Limitless means there are no boundaries for yourself. There's no fence or gate or anything that's in your way of what you want. If you can dream it up, if you can think it up, there's no industry standard you have to follow.

I think in entrepreneurship, we think that there's a perfect blueprint. We think that there's a perfect guideline or that we have to do exactly what the guru said. And the reality is the people I work with and the people that I see be the most successful, they start showcasing their skills and they start making money, and it's easy for them. This is what happened to me. I started showcasing my skills and it became easy. People wanted to pay me.

As soon as we start listening to someone else, it creates these boundaries on us. It creates limitations. You might feel forced to have to have a webinar or run Facebook ads or do business a certain way. It literally puts limits on how we should grow.

And then what happens is we see our income decline. We see things change for us, and it becomes less easy to make money - and we can't figure out why. But it's because you allowed somebody to put boundaries and limits on what is possible for you.

I believe mentors are important, but have mentors who empower you to focus on your intuition and focus on who you truly need to be in order to be successful. Stop looking for the blueprint. You are the blueprint.

Ultimately, success in business isn't about following the blueprint that everyone else is using. It's about understanding your own skills and capabilities, and trusting yourself enough to pursue what makes sense for you. By embracing this limitless mentality and staying true to who we are, we can create sustainable businesses that give us both financial freedom and emotional satisfaction. When it comes down to it, our most valuable asset is ourselves. You have what it takes to be limitless.

Ready to join at Limitless in Scottsdale, AZ April 2023? Click here to learn more and get your ticket.


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